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There’s no denying that our world is becoming increasingly technology-driven. What’s the best thing you can do to prepare? Focus on being human.

Why Is It Important To Be Human?

Every company can exist without technology, but no company can exist without people. No matter how advanced technology becomes, it will never totally replace humans.

Before we had automation, we created jobs that could neatly fit into buckets and easily be done in a series of steps. But because we didn’t have technology, we put humans in those jobs. Now we have technology that can step in and take over those jobs, leaving humans to actually be human. As technology becomes more prevalent and powerful, the biggest value we can bring is to be human.

I put together a video which talks about this in more detail. Please check it out below and if you want more content like this you can subscribe to my Youtube channel.

How Can We Be Human?

Being human at work means practicing the innately human skills that technology can’t do—things like empathy, creativity, collaboration, self-awareness, innovation, coaching, mentoring, and much more. As humans, we are naturally skilled in these areas, but we’ve been conditioned to not practice these things within our companies. To truly be human at work, we have to practice what makes us human and build real, human connections with our colleagues and customers.

What’s The Benefit Of Being Human?

Technology will only grow in the future, and being human and embracing our uniquely human characteristics will be the most valuable skills organizations will need. People who are good at being human will be in high demand, even above people with advanced technical skills. If we want to create human organizations, we need humans. When you practice human skills regularly, your value will increase and you’ll be presented with new opportunities.

Technology is a powerful tool for future organizations. But so are humans. The most important thing you can do to future-proof your career is to be human in a technology-driven world. Embrace and develop those uniquely human skills that technology can’t replicate. When you build empathy, creativity, communication, and more, you set yourself up to lead in the future of work.


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