I’m SO CLOSE to finishing my next book which is going to explore leadership and vulnerability. It’s a topic with very little research and CEO insights and one that I’m really going provide some clarity around soon.

I’ve written around 50,000 words (out of 60k) and have already interviewed over 100 CEOs from the world’s top companies and surveyed nearly 14,000 employees globally. So far the insights have been fascinating and I’m so excited to share the insights with all of you in the coming months.

But I have a favor to ask!

There are a few more things I’m looking to get clarity around and I’d love your help. I teamed up with global leadership firm DDI to conduct research as a part of their global leadership forecast.

Can you please take 2-3 mins to answer some questions in this survey?

The questions will ask you about moments when you have experienced vulnerability and how you responded, what you think about before deciding to be vulnerable, the types of questions you ask yourself when being vulnerable, your vulnerability signs, and a few other things.

It will take you just 2-3 mins to complete and your answers will help shape leadership and vulnerability for organizations around the world. If we want to encourage leaders to connect with their people and if we want to create organizations where we want to show up each day, then vulnerability is a crucial part of that equation.

As I argue in the book, vulnerability for leaders can be a tremendous superpower but it has to be done and approached in the right way.

Will you help me by sharing some of your insights on vulnerability and leadership? Please take the 2-3 mins and complete this survey. I’ll share the findings with the world soon!

Please share the survey link with as many people, co-workers, and peers as you can. Thank you sooooo much!