The Future of Work

with Jacob Morgan

A weekly show where Jacob has in-depth discussions with senior executives and business leaders around the world on the future of work.


How One of The Largest Private Equity Investment Firms Is Ensuring The Best Experiences For Their Employees

My two guests today are Anilu Vazquez-Ubarri, the Chief Human Resource Officer at TPG and Anna Edwin, who is the Global Head of Talent Development at TPG. Our conversation today explores how TPG is shaping great experiences for their employees, the changes they’ve made to the performance review process, the mentoring opportunities they offer, how the role of leadership is changing, how Anna and Anilu think of the future of work. You will also hear Anna and Anilu’s advice to managers on how to give intentional, effective feedback.

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Why IPsoft CEO Believes The Labor Force Will Be 50-50 Digital And Human In 2025 And How We Should Prepare

This week’s guest is Chetan Dube, CEO at IPsoft, an American multinational technology company which primarily focuses on Artificial Intelligence. Join us as we talk about AI of the past and the future. You will hear what kind of AI IPsoft is currently designing and building, whether or not AI can become as creative as humans, who or what Amelia is, and what we can do as individuals to prepare for what’s to come. With Chetan’s prediction that the workforce will be 50-50 digital and human by 2025 this is an important discussion you won’t want to miss.

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