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The One Thing That Technology Can Never Take Away From Us

The AI and automation discussion is a constant one. Although it has quieted down a bit while we focus on dealing with the current COVID-19 pandemic, it will eventually pick back up. But over the past few months I’ve been glad to see so many stories and examples of leaders and people in general who are being…human. This is something we cannot forget!

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Future of Work

This Is What The Future Of Work Looks Like

The world was changing quickly BEFORE COVID-19 and now as a result of the pandemic, organizations are changing faster in the last few months than they in the past few decades. We are having to rethink the technologies we use to work, how we design workspaces, where employees work, how we lead, and even what “work” means in general.

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Why All Leaders Must Be “Technology Teenagers”​

Whenever we have issues with technology whether it be a device, an app, or a piece of software, who do we usually turn to for help? Our kids (especially teenagers!). Teens oftentimes don’t know the inner workings of a piece of software, they can build a new device for you from scratch…yet somehow they just know how to figure technology out without having to be professional developers.

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Research Shows Only 8% Of Leaders Are Great Listeners And Communicators

Leaders of the future must be translators which means that they are great listeners and communicators.

Unfortunately, this is a skill that leaders today are surprisingly doing a terrible job of practicing. I partnered with Linkedin to survey nearly 14,000 employees around the world and only 8% of employees reported that their mid and senior-level leaders are practicing this skill “very well.” Clearly there is lots of room for improvement!

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The Evolution Of The Employee

The current COVID-19 epidemic we are all experiencing is forcing organizations around the world to challenge their conventional ideas around work. In this article, I specifically want to take a look at how the “employee” is evolving.

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