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The Social Media Champion!

The social media champion at your company should rarely be seen in the company office. In fact the social media champion should be out and about whenever possible; attending conferences such as SXSW or the Newcommforum. The social media champion transcends the online world and

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Using Twitter to Monitor Your Brand

First off, let me give credit where credit is due. I came across this information from reading one of Brian Solis’s post about “Discovering and Listening to Conversations on Twitter.” In the post, Brian refers to Jeff Nolan, who discusses Twitter analytics. Thanks to both

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Online Community Best Practices

Jeremiah Owyang recently put up his findings for online community best practices. The presentation can be viewed below. Jeremiah outlines a 4-step approach to the “groundswell,” which is defined as the new trend of getting information through technology (such as twitter, blogs, etc) as opposed

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